Are you passionately curious? In its forthcoming Mumbai Edition, Denim Show introduces a fabulous competition for you to showcase your designing skills! The popular platform in the indigo industry has got an opportunity to excel & turn heads while witnessing top brands & advancements from leading brands of the denim fraternity!

Denim Innovation Challenge is a denim designing competition particularly focused on creativity and sustainability. The designs presented must be original, keeping in mind all the aspects of the denim fashion industry.

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Denim Innovation Challenge

No entry fee to participate in the Denim Innovation Challenge.


Participants will compulsorily have to select any one theme

Design & Create only one complete look
(Men or Women)

The designed garment must meet the denim industry's quality expectations. Participants must draw inspiration for the design from any one these two themes of creativity or sustainability.


"Be you with better normal" focuses on bringing your best version in a challenging situation. Turn your designing skills to tackle the challenges of the coronavirus spread. Come up with something that very much is your thought and ideology!

The theme is to encourage designers to create a garment that reflects how they turn chaos into action, a positive step towards highlighting the revival of the fashion industry. Use design thinking skills, & come up with something authentic. Be yourself in the better normal era!


This theme aims to enthrall the denim industry towards encouraging the eco-friendly side. Sustainability with denim has provided many aesthetically fascinating results to the industry. Denim Innovation Challenge invites you to design a garment (irrespective of gender) that meets the evolution of the fashion industry and the goals of sustainable growth.

A maximum of 2 members in a team are allowed to participate or
You can also go solo.


The authority will reward prize money of 10,000* for the winners.
5000* for each theme.

*T&C Applied
how it work


iconsAll the entries will be eligible for participation e-certificates.

iconsParticipants will have to compulsorily select any one theme from Be You with Better Normal & Shades of Sustainability. Although the judges will focus on "creativity," "sustainability," and "performance," to encourage contestants to pay more attention to a global pandemic, promotes sustainable fashion, and observe social trends in depth.

iconsContestants can present innovative ideas about the above topics from inspiration, design, fabric, material, printing, artistry and details, etc.

iconsAll entries are assessed on their finish, trendiness, functionality, and originality.

iconsThe jury members will disqualify copies and direct inspirations on the spot.


  • As per the winning category, there will be two winners. The total amount will be distributed equally.
  • All Current year students, up to 2 years Alumni, and Design Enthusiasts have been invited the participation in the event and share their creativity.
  • There will be a participation e-certificate emailed after the event.
  • There is no participation fee for the participation.
  • One participant or a maximum of 2 participants as a team can participate in the single entry submission.
  • Design & Create only one complete look (Men or Women) & turn heads at the Denim Innovation Challenge.
  • Kindly fill out the Google Form and submit your entry in the link provided.
  • Please write to us for any clarification related to your submission.
  • All entered works must be the entrant's own. The designed garment must be wholly original.
  • The winning garment/design must meet the categories of Most Innovative or Creative Concept/Garment & Most Sustainable Concept.
  • Additional entries & samples will not be considered.
  • ILLEGAL, OBSCENE, OR OTHERWISE INAPPROPRIATE IMAGES, DESIGNS, and BIOS OR ENTRIES: Any Entries containing material that is violent, pornographic or otherwise obscene, unlawful, inappropriate, or racially or morally offensive are ineligible and hence will be rejected. Denim Innovation Challenge reserves the sole and exclusive right and discretion to determine Entries' eligibility, appropriateness, and fitness.
  • The jury's decision will be final and binding, and no claims in this regard shall be entertained.
  • Denim Show reserves the right to amend, withdraw or revise these rules and the Prize(s) at any time without notice, and in such event, the Institute shall not have any liability whatsoever. Participants who do not comply with these rules may be disqualified at Institute's absolute discretion.
  • Participants must share their pictures while creating and ideating without revealing the overall idea.



Denim Show, Mumbai Edition 2022: Organized by MEX Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd. and Messe Frankfurt Trade Fairs India in collaboration with Denim Manufacturers Association (DMA), the Denim Show acts as a unique platform for suppliers and manufacturers and distributors retailers, designers, and other stakeholders in the denim and allied industries. It caters to the entire denim manufacturing value chain and helps bring the fraternity together under one roof. It is an excellent opportunity for any company eyeing a leadership position in this segment because the exhibition, being a part of Gartex Texprocess India, comes with the added advantage of an increased visitor base.